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After years of listening to customers feedback and a growing commitment towards product development to deliver on those needs NTELLINOVUS was established and GEONOVUS was born.

GEONOVUS is a fully hosted web-mapping application that integrates with the client’s automatic vehicle locating (AVL) system and Geographic Information System (GIS) to improve operational awareness and provide real-time information to the public.

The internal application is designed to support dispatchers and operations managers performing street maintenance with access to a real-time view of each vehicle in the fleet and the vehicle’s status (i.e. plowing, salting, mowing, sweeping, etc.). It also provides robust mapping capabilities and a performance metrics dashboard that shows the percent of streets treated (plowed, salted, both) during active weather events.

GEONOVUS also includes a public facing web application which is simple and easy to use. It is fully mobile responsive, optimized for smart phone browsers, and does not require a separate application to be installed.

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