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Who is GEONOVUS For?

Public Service Supervisors who need to make real-time decisions during snow events and provide elected officials and citizens up-to-date information. Citizens who’d like to know if their streets have been cleared and if not, when they are likely to be and what is the state of roads on their way to work or home. Elected Officials who need to understand what a snow event is costing their community and communicate to the media and the general public on the status of the city’s response and ensure efficient utilization of the city’s resources.


SMARTNOVUS is an enterprise blockchain based workflow platform. This platform connects and automates workflows for internal as well as external businesses. Anyone with basic knowledge of drawing process maps can build processes and deploy for large workforce. The platform can be hosted in-house or on our cloud.


NTELLINOVUS, a 3SG Plus Company, was born from the love of GIS and the on-going search for intelligent innovation that will solve the problems municipalities face day to day.

After years of listening to customers’ feedback and a growing commitment towards product development to deliver on those needs NTELLINOVUS was established and GEONOVUS and SMARTNOVUS were born.

Leadership TEAM

PrincipalNanda Nair

Vice President, Strategy and SuccessRebecca Johnson

Vice President, Data SciencePrabhat Kumar Singh

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