Prabhat Singh

Vice President, Data SciencePrabhat Kumar Singh

Prabhat is AI/ML product architect with expertise in blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for data normalization, data science and predictive modeling. He has advised government body for Vienna Smart City program in 2013-2015. As product and data architect, he built machine model to churn 40 TeraBytes of overnight human trials clinical data to provide trend and predictions on drug discovery and management. He has been instrumental in NSCLC (non small cell lung cancer) and IVF (inVitro fertility) drug research for EMD Serono (Germany). In banking corporate role, he has led business transformation program and has coached business vertical management for change. He worked for JPMorgan & Chase while receiving training and mentoring from McKinsey & Co for Lean Leadership. He has trained change agents and setup operations team for Technology and businesses in Standard Chartered bank(Singapore), UBS AG(Zurich) and Credit Agricole (Paris) by process re-engineering using six sigma and robotics.


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